SHA-224 Hash Generator

SHA-224 Hash Generator is an online tool to help you compute the SHA-224 hash of a string and text.

What is SHA-224 Hash Algorithm?

SHA-224 Hash Algorithm is 224-bit one-way hash function, SHA-224 is based on SHA-256, but it uses a different initial value and the result is truncated to 224 bits.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced the FIPS 180-2 Change Notice on February 28, 2004 which specifies the SHA-224 one-way hash function. One-way hash functions are also known as message digests. SHA-224 is based on SHA-256, the 256-bit one-way hash function already specified by NIST [SHA2]. Computation of a SHA-224 hash value is two steps. First, the SHA-256 hash value is computed, except that a different initial value is used. Second, the resulting 256-bit hash value is truncated to 224 bits.