SHA-3 Hash Generator

SHA3 Hash Generator is an online tool to help you compute the SHA-3 hash of a string and text.

What is SHA-3 Hash Algorithm?

SHA-3 is the latest member of the Secure Hash Algorithm family of standards, released by NIST on August 5, 2015. Although part of the same series of standards, SHA-3 is internally different from the MD5-like structure of SHA-1 and SHA-2. via Wikipedia

What is SHA-3 Hash Algorithm used for?

SHA3 does have a performance benefit, which is that it's cheap to implement in specialized hardware. It's very fast on a dedicated circuit. This is especially important for low-power devices: SHA3 costs fewer Joules per byte than SHA-2 (or any other SHA3 finalist) when implemented in hardware. So IoT may drive the adoption of SHA3.

However, hardware design takes time, and hardware designers are conservative (you can't fix bugs in hardware), so this won't happen any time soon. Furthermore, a hardware implementation of SHA3 uses more gates than SHA-2, so it costs more to build a SHA3 device, even if it costs less to use afterwards, therefore there isn't a clear cost incentive to switch even when a low power requirement is critical.